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Naomi Osaka's quest...
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Naomi Osaka's quest for back to back ended yesterday - Naomi Osaka pedi match la hier

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Naomi Osaka leve drapo nou tre wo an fas coco semene pase a le li te konsole coco apre match la. Apre match la, anpil dlo te koule nan je coco ki se on ti jenn 15zan, ki te tre emosyonel. Moman sa ap ekri nom Osaka nan yon lot sans nan istwa tenis la.

Malerezman pou nou, Osaka ta pral tombe an fas Belinda Bencic hier Lundi 2 septanm 7-5, 6-4, ki vle di Naomi Osaka pedi plas #1 nan mond tenis la.


Naomi Osaka parents are from Japan and Haiti. I think it is because of this mixture that she left her imprint on the US open with the kindness she handed to the younger player Coco Gauf. Any case, her journey to win consecutive in the US open ended yesterday. Belinda Benic defeated her 7-5, 6-4.


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