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Transgender in the sport world

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Let start off by asking this question, should a transgender female (someone who was born a male and medically turn himself into a female) be able to compete in women's teams as a woman? 

My thought is Hell NOOOOOOOOOOO. Why? you might ask. Well although one is able to change her/his sex, science has yet to be able to change your chromosome ( what makes us who we are, DNA). In other words, no amount of surgery, hormone injections or anything else will change someone's DNA from a man's to a woman's or vice versa.  You can't change your chromosome, internal organs.

We also have to understand the difference between sex and gender. Sex tends to relate to biological diffs. (vagina, penis, etc)  Gender nowadays is more like how you identify yourself as.  

We all know that in general, the strength of a male (biological) transcends the strength of a woman. Just because you identify yourself as a woman although you were born a man should not be legal for you to compete at women's levels in any kind of sports. In that case, the NBA and the WNBA should be a mixed group. Well at least this is my opinion.. what do you think? 

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interesting topic, unfortunately... nan peyi moun yo, mwen pap di way, ayayay, but I feel you...


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