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Gender cultural norms, how does it impact our views?

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In most cultures, men and women are assigned different tasks based on their gender. Hence, the division of labor between the man and women, among other things, is said to be culturally determined and readily apparent. These days men are the head of the households. The provider, the breadwinner some may say. These are what society calls a cultural norm. Now in this new era, there is no cultural norm for the household. It’s 2020 Women are business owners, single women are buying up properties, running for office. They’re no longer being just housewives and now you even have house-husbands, Gender roles have reversed and taken new leaf. Now can culture form views and aspects as to what gender roles are supposed to be? Yes! I say yes because of my cultural background I am Haitian, I am Christian. Growing up, we are taught certain things, certain customs pertaining to women versus men. As young girls, we are to hold down a household and maintain the upkeeps of the home. If you're a young girl. Modesty was key. Whereas the young man was taught to build himself up to be providers. Today is definitely different when it comes to cultural gender roles. There is a lot of openness to individuality. I can just hear my grandmother saying how our ancestors are rolling in their graves with all the gender identity crises going on.
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